Linda Zoon is a talented professional fashion illustrator. In her Rotterdam based art studio she daily creates new illustrations and graphic designs.

Her fashionable dessins and patterns are unique and realistic with just

a few lines and shapes. Her creativity is her daily challenge.

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All illustrations, sketches and photography on this site are from Linda Zoon

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Dutch Royalty


'Blauw Bloed’

gave an exclusive

report with in the

spotlight illustrated

works of Linda Zoon.


Creating new things...

'If your hair is done properly and youre wearing good shoes,

you can get away with anything.' @IrisApfel

Chique and elegant

always in fashion.


'Illustrating the look of fashion..'

Giada Curti Haute Couture. Passion and love for haute couture has given this Italian family-owned house of fashion international allure.

Successful women, the entertainment world and filmmakers chose these beautiful creations.

Linda's illustrations received

many compliments from Giada

and Antonio Curti.


Eye Catching floral and animal print skirts...


Stylish Belgian fashion house of Edouard Vermeulen where among others Queen Máxima likes to make a choice.


"It's the woman that makes the fashion and not the fashion that makes the fashion."


'Fashions meets art...'

Also known designers in the fashion world such as among others Natan Couture in Belgium of couturier Edouard Vermeulen, Alakazia in San Francisco, Kithe Brewster in the US and Giada Curti in Italy saw her work and were excited about her illustration work. Kithe Brewster became famous as a stylist for Hollywood such as Julianne Moore, Halle Berry and Natalie Portman, music stars like Beyoncé  and others.


A year ago Linda illustrated the campaigns for Kithe Brewster. Kithe has moved to Vienna to developing his collection at European level and Linda who was now accustomed to internationalize its full endorsement. Internationally and nationally Linda regularly involved in many projects, as she says: The sky is the limit! Creativity my endless journey.

Linda Zoon started Dutch Universal Studios in 1993.  With her creativity she acquired an impressive row of well known clients. With her large knowledge of fashion styles, sense of color and designs shows them illustrations to create are easier than the often organized photo shoots.


At a young age Linda has talent to produce fashion sketches. From her mother she got fashion magazines in order to develop her first fashion creativity.


In 2014 she was asked by the CEO of Amsterdam and Dubai Fashion TV Fashion TV to demonstrate her talents as an illustrator for their fashion blogs. An opportunity that Linda has taken up with great enthusiasm! The blog was such a success, even research, subjects and texts were completed by her.

Dutch Universal Studio Rotterdam (DUS)

3 Minutes from Metro Station 'Oostplein'

Just a color with a beautiful name, but applied correctly in print and printing requires knowledge. After 23 years of experience, you know this.










Illustrating fabrics is my specialty.

Both this floral design and this

realistic composition are the results

of my digital painting.

Haute Couture fabrics come in many choices, but what is nice and what pattern gives precisely the sense of an ideal look.


Fabrics Pol van Eenoo

(Bruges - Belgium) is the specialist in these designer fabrics.





Dutch Royalty TV show / English subtitled compilation - 04:31



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